This tier provides full access to all singular hoop move tutorials, short hoop combos, and long hoop combos.

These combo videos will be a great example of how to combine each trick together and create a flow.

Four single hoop tutorials, two short combos, one long combo totaling to seven tutorials each month. Additionally, you will have unlimited access to all previous videos in the library.

This tier is ideal for people who are wanting to learn individual hoop moves, transitions between each move, and learning short and long hoop combos that help individuals find and create their own unique flow. 

*Hoop combo is two or more tricks combined by a transition move creating a flow.

Is it recurring? If so, what are the terms:

All tiers are an automatically renewing monthly billing cycle. Unsubscribe at any point. No cancellation fees. If canceling, members will have access to all content until the end of the next billing cycle. 

The day of the month the member signs up is the day they will pay each recurring month. Be sure to pick a day that best suits you now and in the future. If you decide to switch tiers, you will pay or subtract the difference for the following monthly billing cycle in your account settings.